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Vagina Warriors

Last night I went to see the production of The Vagina Monologues, and it got me thinking (which I presume is its intention). However, before I go into specifics, I want to make a few disclaimers. First of all, this post is not directed against either the author of The Vagina Monologues, nor the performers or organizers of the event at Salisbury University. In fact, I know alot of people who were involved, and I find myself in agreement with the discussions at the SAGE meetings (Student Activists for Gender Equality, the organizers of the V-Day performance). Another important qualification to this post, and I can't stress this enough, is that this is not intended as an apology for the poor white male. I think that people who go around claiming that the tables have recently turned, and that white men have it worse now, have a few screws loose. I'm pretty certain that this post won't come off sounding that way, but I just wanted to dispell any possibility that I be associated with these people.

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That picture of Whiplash really got around. 45 people on livejournal are currently showing the file on my server on their site. If I didn't have > 3GB of bandwidth to spare I'd be annoyed. As is stands though I'm cool with it, provided it doesn't get out of hand. But still - that's alot of people.

11 Feb 04

Cowboy Monkey or Bust!

After stumbling across the website of Whiplash, the cowboy monkey, and looking at his schedule, I was disappointed that they're not really visiting the east coast at all. But then a great idea occurred to me - why don't I get together a group of friends and we make a road trip to see him perform at a rodeo? I IMed around 9 friends about it and the response has been more than enthusiastic. I'm really planning on doing this. The only problem is finding a van that we could all drive there in, but I'm sure between all of us one of us has got to have a van or SUV. If I didn't IM you, don't take it personally, you might be one of the above 9 that I just haven't had a chance to IM because you've been away / haven't been online. But you're in the plans. If not, well we'll see what we can do, we might have to take two vehicles, though that would be less than desirable. This is perhaps the best idea I've ever thought of. Well, next to the scheme I made up in 2nd grade where I told everyone that we were going to build a spaceship and go into orbit, then return and I would buy them whatever they wanted with the grant money from NASA.

Yeah, this is genius.

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"God damn you and your constantly cheery disposition"

Looking around me, I sometimes feel like I'm the happiest person I know. And not in a soma-induced, Brave New World sort of way either. My happiness isn't contingent upon my circumstances, I could have a very shitty day and still be happy. Every once in a while I'll feel crappy, though it generally doesn't have anything to do with circumstances and I let it pass - but those times are few and far between. I'm even happy to have experienced all the shit that I have in my life - my reasoning being that I wouldn't be who I am today if it wasn't for all of that.

Alot of people have a book or movie which they feel you need to have seen or read in order to understand them. For Joe Trippi it's For Love of the Game. For me, it's Nietzsche's semi-autobiographical work Ecce Homo. Although there are a few parts where I don't feel exactly the same way as Nietzsche, alot of it I feel could have just as well been written by me. If you really want to understand me, read Ecce Homo. For this post, I uploaded the preface and two chapters of it, which you can read here.

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