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Finally, weblog gets a make-over

For the past few months I'd been really annoyed with my weblog's design. For one, it was loosely based off of a (not very good) default theme from Movable Type. Also, there was just too much blue in it. And finally, the picture of me up at the top had gotten rather out-dated.

I've also been meaning to take the site in a slightly new direction. It had started to bother me that I only link to content, without actually creating any content of my own - because if I don't create anything, then there's nothing to differentiate my site from Metafilter, or Daypop, or any of the other various "meta-blogs." At least, not anything all that compelling.

I'll admit, I have a fear of print. For some inexplicable reason I can talk about something with great ease, but as soon as I try to write it down it's either too academic or it's just plain insipid. This is something that can only improve with practice, and since I wasn't practicing... well, I wasn't getting any better.

Anyway, I'd appreciate any sort of feedback, positive or negative, on this whole redesign-new-direction spiel.