28 Dec 04
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23 Dec 04

Best Albums of 2004

Oh, aught-four. Is it already that time again? Indeed it is. I've mulled over this list for quite some time, and I've listened to more crappy music than you can shake a stick at - from the numerous indie pop bands which thoroughly disappointed me to the bizarre Ralph Wiggum-on-a-harp that is Joanna Newsom. But let's not belabour the point. I'm Frankie Dintino, and I approve this list.
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17 Dec 04

Expos paper

A few people had expressed interest in reading my paper that I wrote for my research in popular culture class, entitled "Fight Club as Postmodern Film: Multiplicities and Micropolitics." You can view it in pdf format here.

Disclaimer: This paper is not to be copied in any form for any class, and if you do so I disavow any responsibility. (I added this because I know someone who got in trouble for something similar, however unlikely the situation might be).


To everyone reading...

If you're in college and haven't taken them yet, good luck on finals. I'll be taking them through Tuesday, then heading home, so expect few updates until after then.

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