19 Jan 05

First days back at school, crazy professors

Ever since I got back to school on Sunday, my days have been filled with celebration of the return to school (ie partying) combined with a sprinkling of going to classes. My first class on Tuesday was awful. I should have been forewarned by the reviews on ratemyprofessors.com, which included this gem:

I didn't really truly love before carlton james. He loved me. He told me. I realized I loved myself. Just kidding, this guy's a ****ing whackjob.

He made a statement along the lines of "if you value a scientific approach to psychology, you'll probably come to hate me." At this point though I already hated the man who is affectionately known by the moniker "the love doctor." Maybe I wasn't hugged enough as a child, but I think this guy can take his humanistic approach and shove it. I'm not going to waste a class as potentially interesting as Abnormal Psychology on a nutjob like James. So, I walked out of class, and the next day switched into Adolescent Development instead. Problem solved.

My physics class today was a different story. If there was one moment I wished I had my camera, it was when Dr. Croft shot around the room like a bullet, wearing roller skates and propelled by a fire extinguisher - all to illustrate the concepts behind vectors. He survived the ordeal, and was met with cheers and applause. I think I have a new favorite teacher. Next class I think he's doing a similar demonstration, only to illustrate rotational momentum... or something. I'll be sure to have my camera on hand.

Last night was also very enjoyable. I got 2nd place in the Dr. Mario TRUE RANKING tournament.

It's good to be back.

16 Jan 05
15 Jan 05
06 Jan 05

House cleaning on the website

As some of you may have noticed, on account of getting a digital camera, I've added a new photo section to my site - the design of which is loosely based off of flickr. Additionally, today I made some font changes that I'm - at present - not entirely satisfied with. Any feedback would be appreciated.

03 Jan 05

Best Songs of 2004

I'm sure you're mostly all sick of end-of-the-year lists, but I haven't quite had my fill yet. So, I've made this list of songs that I feel were the best of the last year. Of course I only included one song from each artist, as is proper etiquette in such lists. Additionally, some of these songs come off of various EPs that didn't make it onto my "best albums" list. For those who would be interested in lending their ear, I've set up a torrent tracker for it here. Enjoy!

01. Of Montreal - Spike the Senses
02. Belle and Sebastian - Your Cover's Blown
03. Elliott Smith - Twilight
04. Brian Wilson - Wonderful
05. Bright Eyes - Take It Easy (Love Nothing)
06. Ben Kweller - Hospital Bed
07. Morrissey - First of the Gang to Die
08. Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out
09. Snow Patrol - Run
10. Rilo Kiley - It's a Hit
11. The Streets - Fit But You Know It
12. The Thrills - Whatever Happened to Corey Hai?
13. A.C. Newman - Miracle Drug
14. Daniel Johnston - Rock This Town
15. Air - Venus
16. The Trash Can Sinatras - Got Carried Away
17. The Faint - Southern Belles in London Sing
18. Phantom Planet - Big Brat
19. Modest Mouse - World At Large
20. The Advantage - Castlevania 3 - Evergreen