29 May 05
19 May 05
18 May 05
17 May 05
15 May 05
13 May 05

Goodbye categories, hello tags

Over the past month or so I've been going through and tagging all of my "linkies" entries, la del.icio.us or flickr. Tags, as opposed to categories, are free-form categorizations that I place in the "keywords" section of an entry. I finally finished today, and the results can be viewed on the tags page. Basically the larger the font-size for a tag the more entries it contains. If you've only recently started reading my weblog, tags are the ideal way to navigate through old content. I recommend the humor and games tags.

On a side note, if anyone wants the code for my implementation of tags in movable type, just email me at frankieist_at_gmail.com. It's a bit messy, but if anyone's interested I'd be happy to make it more general and clean it up. One caveat is that it requires PHP and MySQL, and won't work with DB_File.

12 May 05
04 May 05
03 May 05

Another new site design

Well not quite a brand new design, but at least a new color scheme - the one I had before is already out of season. Comments would be appreciated.