20 Oct 05

The Avalanches - Frontier Psychiatrist

Popular Culture, an English-department class of which I am a member, requires that the students create a "media project" based on the readings we've done in class. Since these readings include DJ Spooky's Rhythm Science, I decided that I'm going to do a remix (probably based off of 50s sex-ed videos from archive.org). Anyway, as I was researching DJ / remix groups for inspiration, I came across this gem by The Avalanches, entitled "Frontier Psychiatrist."

Frontier Psychiatrist

You can download it here.

Alternatively, you can watch the music video here

18 Oct 05

Band names with meat in them

During a conversation between Ashley and I, we started coming up with band names that have some sort of meat in them. For example:

The Meatles
Scrapple in Stereo
Do Steak Say Think
Pretty Girls Steak Graves
Less Than Steak
Cherry Poppin' Patties
Clap Your Ham Say Yeah
Fiona Scrapple
Gravy Jones
Sunny Day Veal n' Steak
The Flaming Ribs
Hen Folds Five
Jeff Duckley
Hot Hot Meat
Nine Inch Quails
Justin Tenderloin
Nick Steak
No Trout
The Poultry Service
The Beef Boys

Can anyone else think of any other ones?

16 Oct 05
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