26 Jun 06
23 Jun 06
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09 Jun 06

A question for the readers

Please read through this post, I'd like some feedback.

Next year at school, for at least one semester, I'm going to be doing a study relating to the history of thought. It's based on the premise that the way people think and frame debates has changed over time, different techniques have developed, and new concepts have been "invented." I'm going to limit my study to a specific time period; three of the options I'm currently considering are the baroque (in music, philosophy, and architecture), the legalist tradition (Rousseau, Locke; revolving around the capitalist concept of the contract), and the rise and fall of structuralism in Europe.

My question is: does anyone who reads this weblog want to hear my progress once-in-a-while (over the summer and the school year) as I flesh out my thoughts on the topic? I promise to make my posts relatively easy to understand for someone without a philosophical background.

If I get three or more affirmative responses, I'll start doing it. Otherwise, I'll keep it to myself.

08 Jun 06